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Stephanie and Tim

"This is a relationship that began at a wedding, where a master amateur matchmaker brought you two together. In your years together you've built a foundation of trust throughout your relationship, you've encouraged the best of each of you as an individual, and you've learned that you're going to be there for one another when times get stressful. 


May God bless you and may you experience the grace of God, may you experience the joy of your friends, and may you always know and remember why you are standing here this day. The joy that brought you here, the love that brought you here and the gift of each other that brought you here."


"With Light" Analog Heart

Music licensed at The Music Bed //



Director/DP Editor/Colorist - Michael Oleshko

Cinematographer - Jorge Camargo

Graded with: FilmConvert


Gear - 

Canon C100MKII

Canon 6D

Tascam DR-10L

Glidecam HD-4000


Other Details:

Photographer: Miller+Miller Photography

Band: Chicago Mix

Ceremony/Reception: The Lacuna Lofts

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