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Michael Oleshko

- visual designer // cinematographer 

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Sphera Prototyping and Product Concepts

In today's environment where users' attention spans are at an all-time low, ensuring that your website visitors have a positive user experience is even more important than ever. User experience and usability strategies can and should be used in everything from the obvious - such as designing a website - to the less obvious - such as designing a digital marketing campaign.

Wireframes: Illustrator

Design: Photoshop/ Sketch

Develop: Sketch and Zeplin

Customer Maturity Model Layout

Maturity Model Beginning (1680).jpg
Maturity Model Tool (1680).jpg
Maturity Model Output (1680).jpg

Sphera Product Prototype

SC Prototype Dashboard (1680).jpg
Checklists - SOPs iPad.jpg
Active Workorders iPad.jpg
Standards & Regulations 2.jpg
SC Prototype Dashboard (1680) Copy.jpg

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