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TurboAppeal Social Media Marketing

With the push for TurboAppeal's new product to create customer signup's, our approach was a Social Media based marketing strategy to reach the masses in certain markets. A Facebook campaign was put into motion and graphic elements were needed in order to capture the attention of the user, while portraying a clear message of the companies end goal; to save homeowners money on their property taxes.

Design: Photoshop

TurboAppeal Press Kit

Press kits eliminate as much of the effort that would otherwise go into journalism as possible. If you were to fall off the face of the Earth today, a reporter should be able to have a good story out tomorrow, using nothing but the information you’ve collected for them on your website.  The objective is for a press kit that is so complete and easy to use that a journalist would be able to run the article “as is.” This is even truer for bloggers or freelancers. For them, having a well-crafted press kit can be the whole difference between writing a story and not.

Design: InDesign

Photo Manipulations: Photoshop

Click here to download a view TurboAppeal's Press Kit.

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