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Sphera Website

Sphera is the largest global provider of Integrated Risk Management software and information services with a focus on Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), Operational Risk and Product Stewardship.


Live site can be found here at: sphera.com

Design: Photoshop/ Sketch

Develop: Sketch and Zeplin

Home Page Final 2018 (1680).jpg
Oil & Gas Update (1680).jpg

SpheraCloud Theme 1

SpheraCloud LP Re-Design (1680).jpg

SpheraCloud Theme 2

SC About (1680).jpg

Final Launched Version - Landing Page

SC H&S Professional (1680).jpg

SpheraCloud Product Page

SC Standard (1680).jpg

Mobile Version

SC H&S Professional (Mobile).jpg

Mobile Version

SC Standard (Mobile).jpg

Sphera Website Concept Design

Industry Example Artboard.png

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