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Michael Oleshko

- visual designer // cinematographer 

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Visual Design

Here are some examples of my work I've done in the past. They consist of corporate work, as well as some passion projects I have done in the past. These are a mixture of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign pieces.

Sphera // SpheraCloud Marketing Imagery

With the launch of Sphera's cloud-based platform, SpheraCloud, a need for marketing materials surrounding the product became evident. Images similar to these are used in various marketing materials for the cloud platform from PowerPoint Presentations to magazine ads. The SpheraCloud platform is designed to help businesses improve decision-making and performance with an integrated view of their risk and compliance portfolio at all levels—from single site deployments to global rollouts.


Live site can be located here.

Design: Photoshop / Photo Compositing

Sphera // SPARK Magazine

SPARK Magazine is Sphera Solutions new biannual magazine publication, which is dedicated to telling compelling safety-related stories in a new, fresh and exciting way—and “sparking” a conversation in the process.

Working with my colleagues in a joint effort to tackle design and layout challenges, we created a 52 page piece comprised of featured stories, departments and columns that flow into one cohesive theme.


Live site can be located here.

Design: Photoshop / Photo Compositing

Layout Design: InDesign

Sphera Spark - Vol. 1, Issue 1_Page_01.p

Slyngshot Health // Logo Design and Branding

I was approached to create a logo and branding concept for a newly developed company, Slyngshot Health. 


Slyngshot Health’s digital platform is revolutionizing the practice of personalized medicine by connecting medical providers, pharmacies, and patients. The platform allows patient monitoring for safety, adherence, efficacy, and clinical outcomes. Slyngshot Health’s consistent and reliable processes create uniformity of experience.

Logo Design: Illustrator

Branding Book: InDesign





Final Implementation


Slyngshot Branding Book

A brand book, which is also called brand guideline or style guide, is a set of rules that explain how your brand works, which are your main brand elements and what is the main goal of your brand. Brand books influence every marketing campaign, communication and products/services. They are like strategic guidelines, as it covers all the aspects of your brand. Overall, brand book serves the following purposes for your business:

  • Improve your brand position

  • Keep your whole team on message

  • Add depth to your brand position by aligning it with your business strategy

Design: InDesign

Photo Manipulations: Photoshop

Aakash Chemicals // Tradeshow Booth Artwork

Jameson Sotheby's // Marketing Campaign Artwork

TurboAppeal // Marketing Campaign Artwork

Personal Work

Thank You!

You made it all the way to the end of my portfolio website! I'd love to hear your thoughts on design. 

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