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Kaitlyn and Dustin

"Today, we celebrate the birth of a new world. Our Rabbi's did teach that when two people get married, they create a new world. Kaitlyn and Dustin you're about to create a new world; your family. And we know that this new world will grow, will flourish, and will become the source of joy and pride to you and to everyone here. Marriage is a journey, and a journey not by the body but a journey of spirit, because you will find your own unique place in this universe as a family. That is why it is a new world." 

My 2017 wedding season started off with a bang! Spending my time with Kaitlyn and Dustin was a pure fun. Congratulations on your journey together as husband and wife.

"...As Cities Danced in Feast" Aural Method
Music licensed at The Music Bed //

Director/DP Editor/Colorist - Michael Oleshko
Cinematographer - Jorge Camargo

Gear - 
Canon C100
Canon 6D
Canon 7D
Zoom H1/H4

Other Details:
Photographer: Rose Photo
Band: Blue Water Kings
Ceremony/Reception: Galleria Marchetti

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