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Michael Oleshko

visual designer // cinematographer 

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Graphic Design About Me


My name is Michael. I'm a husband, father of 2 beautiful girls, lead web and digital designer for a technology company, and a freelance wedding videographer. I'm kind of a nerd and a jock all mixed into one. I love video games, Star Wars, everything Marvel related (Team Iron Man) and I played baseball in college. When the weather is nice I love to go golfing with the guys. 

I love what I do, which is Visual Design. I always had a passion for creating when I was young and that has fortunately spilled over into my adulthood. I cannot get enough. I love everything design and design centric.

Portfolio Work


Maturity Model Output (1680).jpg
Video Production



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You made it all the way to the end of my portfolio website! I'd love to hear your thoughts on design. 

Let's talk! Maybe I can help tell your story?  

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