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I try not to get too caught up with gear. There are a lot of different camera models and there are constantly new cameras coming into the market. I've been shooting with Canon for years. Mainly with the Canon 5D MKII. However, I've recently added a few other bodies to the line-up in the Canon 7D and Canon C100. All of which help me get the job done.

What kind of cameras do you use?

Audio is very important to your wedding day. There will be toasts, readings, vows, and possibly special notes.


The way I capture audio during preparations is an on-board microphone on my camera. This captures the natural audio of the room as you share your day with family and friends. If there are letters you wish to read and would like to capture the audio, we can either do this in a quiet room with a microphone and digital recorder, or with the on-board microphone while you remain in the moment with your family and friends around you. This is a matter of preference. If there is music or other audio during this time I would simply ask if we can turn off all the distractions at that time to ensure that your audio can be captured in the cleanest way possible. 

For the ceremony, I use digital recorders so as to not interfere with any of the church's wireless microphone systems. I'm looking to put one on the groom and wedding officiant. The microphone on the groom helps capture the audio for the vows and spoken parts between the bride and groom. The officiant needs to have a microphone to help capture the message that he/she will deliver on your wedding day. It is VERY IMPORTANT to me that whomever is marrying you that day understands the importance of wearing my microphone. So please communicate to them that I am looking to put a microphone and digital recorder on them.

For the reception, I use a field recorder I plug into the DJ's audio board in order to capture all speeches and toasts for the night.

How do you pick the music for the Wedding Film?

Music is a very important part of your Wedding Film. In all honesty it's what I spend the most time doing in the editing suite, is finding the right song for your film. I'm looking to find a song that matches the theme, and tempo of your wedding day. I license all the music I use in the wedding films. This is to give proper credit to the musician's. 

The primary source I use in finding licensed music is The Music Bed. Nothing sounds better than LEGAL.

How much of a deposit do you require? When is the total amount due?

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due two (2) weeks prior to the wedding date.

How long does it usually take to complete my wedding project?

I try to have your wedding project fully completed within 3-6 months from shooting.

How long do you keep my wedding footage for?

Nothing lasts forever, and that most certainly applies to your wedding footage. I only hold onto your wedding footage for a year after your wedding. I'll need to make room for new wedding projects after that time.

How do you capture audio at my wedding?
What is the Wedding Film?

The Wedding Film is a recap of your wedding days events. This is an artistically pieced together film that helps you relive the moments and emotions of your wedding day. These moments are put together via sound bites from the days event, whether those are toasts, letters, or vows. Whatever I can use to help tell your story.

What is the Documentary Edit?

The Documentary edit is EVERYTHING! It's basically your wedding day in its entirety with the ceremony, reception, cake cutting, speeches and dances cut together. This can vary in length from 50-90 minutes in length based on content.

Do you provide RAW footage of my wedding?

Truth be told, RAW footage just isn't that watchable. I am covering an event with multiple cameras from multiple angles with multiple audio sources and all those need to be crafted together in order for you to actually watch it. This is why I try to include everything film worthy in the Documentary Edit.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Every wedding is unique in its own way. From the couple getting married, to the venue's chosen, all the way down to the decorations used, every wedding has unique features to it.


Some couples like to write letters to each other to read on their wedding day accompanied with some sort of personal or touching gift. Some couples may choose to read the content of those letters, and others may not. The benefit of those who read the letters is that it creates an element I could potentially use to help tell your wedding story.


Custom vows are another great way to help make you wedding film unique. Some couples just want to stick to the script, or remain traditional. While there is nothing wrong with that, nothing is sweeter than heartfelt messages exchanged at the altar. This is another element which I can use to help tell your story. The emotion that can come out during those vow exchange is a real raw moment that doesn't feel staged or posed. You are allowed to be emotional during this day. It makes for real moments on camera, and it's what helps you relive those moments on screen.

Don't ever feel embarrassed to show emotion on your wedding day and do things to prevent emotional moments from happening. This is your day!

These are just a few suggestions to create a unique film. None of which are necessary to create a wedding film. This may be something you're not comfortable with and doesn't really represent who you are as a person. I completely understand. I never force anyone to do something they're not comfortable in doing.

How can I help make my Wedding Film unique?

Drones are all the rage these days and everyone loves the footage they produce. Unfortunately I don't have one myself. Very rarely do I use a drone for a wedding so I do not offer this as part of my wedding package or even an Ala Carte option. It's time consuming and sometimes can take away and distract from the day's events. I hire out for my drone jobs, and I make the determination whether or not it calls for it depending on the venue and location.

Do you offer Drone footage?

Do you have questions that weren't answered? Reach out to me with them, here.

Can I split up my coverage throughout the day?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot split up your coverage in the event you have downtime in-between events. Coverage is the amount of time myself an and other shooter will be present at the event. After putting together your wedding timeline, if you require additional coverage please make that known.

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